Share License Key to activate copyright for products in the ecosystem of Jetbrains. You can activate the products below:



The license belongs to the lanyu and the article only wishes to share it with the community, not encouraging free use.

If available, purchase products at:

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Key 1 (Expired in November 27, 2019): Get here

Key 2 (Expired in March 11, 2020): Get here

How to use

1. Open hosts file





2. Edit Host File

Append this line to the last of the hosts file

3. Add key

Open your JetBrains product and find the Register tab.

Help > Register...

Put the code to the "Activation code" and press OK


Activation code work for:

  • Key IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate / Activation Code IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate
  • Key ReSharper Ultimate / Activation Code ReSharper Ultimate
  • Key Rider / Activation Code Rider
  • Key GoLand / Activation Code GoLand
  • Key AppCode / Activation Code AppCode
  • Key CLion / Activation Code CLion
  • Key PyCharm Professional / Activation Code PyCharm Professional
  • Key WebStorm / Activation Code WebStorm
  • Key RubyMine / Activation Code RubyMine